Big Data Analytics

Big Data is a field of study which includes manipulation, computation, and handling of large amounts of data; This form of data which might be structured or unstructured is very common nowadays. From medicine to economics, big data is everywhere and with the increasing use of the internet we can expect to see this data increase by the day. in such a scenario, big data technologies are bound to soar. It’s highly valued in such a time to possess some data skills. Big data manipulation and analytics was most commonly associated with Hadoop but with changing times we are seeing new and better technologies in the field every day.
With platforms such as Apache Spark coming into the market, big data has taken the next step in terms of better performance and computation. It happens to be one of the most valued and demanded industrial technologies. With new researches emerging every day, this field holds high promise for the coming times and promises a great career in the digital front. Big data technologies are helpful in time reductions, cost reductions, and innovation. It enables real-time solutions of problems and offers a huge array of domains to work in. Big data is revolutionalizing the way we handle, manipulate and analyze our data and our decision-making process.

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