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python_adhocnwAdhoc Networks, run by a driven couple with the goal of providing better, scalable and practical knowledge to the engineers of tomorrow has stood out in Jaipur as one of its kind training centers. With the focus being on Industrial level training through constant implementation and evaluation guided by our corporate trainer, Adhoc provides hands-on experience in all upcoming technologies.
Adhoc has very carefully selected the syllabus and came up with two major specializations that are aimed at providing 360 degrees knowledge in the chosen field. Every student is given the attention they need and constructive competition is appreciated.
Along with being an institute dedicated to practical learning, Adhoc helps students venture out into projects and certifications as well. Like-minded peers are combined into teams that help in imparting both soft skills such as teamwork and tech skills in the process of forming interactive projects. Every student is encouraged to take up certifications which add golden stars to their resumes and guided through the process of attaining these verified certificates.
Adhoc provides all of this in the span of one summer semester break which is generally wasted by students in thinking about what to do. So stop thinking at start utilizing your time with Adhoc Networks, this summer training which includes up and coming technologies like Data Science, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Cloud and Automation is all you need to prepare yourself for a bright future in technology.
At Adhoc we believe in the power of driven mindsets and strong technologies and aim at providing a thorough knowledge along with constant practical implementation. So, come join us on this journey of learning, coding, projects and much more in our Summer Training Programme. Come and experience how some technologies combined with the right environment and trainers, change the course of your career. Enroll today in one of our specializations – Data Analytics Specialization – for the Data Enthusiasts who love finding patterns and analytical solutions through heaps of data and have a visual gift of recognizing features others can’t!

Data Science Specialization – for the coders who love finding solutions to real-world problems and have a logical mindset towards everything. This Specialization takes up all up and coming technologies to get you started in your career. So, take your pick and register yourself today.

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