Summer Internship for Computer Science Students

Summer Internship 2019 Jaipur

How a summer internship can turn out to be the turning point of your career. Summer Internships for Computer Science Students can turn out to be not only the defining part of your resume but the changing point in your career! With bigger and bigger companies investing in digitalized solutions and research, computer science engineers have an edge in the race already. With giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple dominating both the socio-economic and technological sector, opportunities are flooding by the day and an internship experience might just is what you need to get an edge ahead from your competition.


Summer internships can vary from remote options to full-time in-office experiences, with the right skill set and pitch; it is a cakewalk to score an interactive internship in product based companies. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, in the world of big data, we are seeing more and more companies leaning towards analytical candidates. Although technical knowledge is a necessity, it isn’t sufficient to get your resume through the screening of your dream company. Summer internships bridge this gap with the added bonus of experience on real-time projects and the knowledge of how the industry works.

Summer Internship on latest technologies

Summer internships can be secured easily with the right skill set, with Data Science being the most up and coming technology, expertise in any of its several domains can put you forward in the race. Summer Internships 2019 can be your way out of the system of theoretical knowledge and give you a peek into the industry workings, with more and more research, projects and technologies shifting towards computers, IT and CS students hold a great chance at securing their place in the industry early in the placement season. Attaining the right skill set with a practical training experience can be a huge benefit when applying for internships, apart from the skills required; an extensive training gives ample opportunities for projects with like-minded peers under the guidance of talented experts and an interactive environment to connect with beneficial contacts.

So, brush up your resumes and learn the skills you need to get your dream internship today! This might just redefine how your career sets out to be.

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