Summer Internship Importance in your B.Tech

Benefits of Summer Internship

Whether you are looking for a job or higher studies, a well-rounded and skilled profile is the core demand of the present times. A good summer internship for B.Tech program can be your savior in future prospects. From technical colleges around the world looking for dynamic and experienced students for their research study programs to companies moving their focus towards skill set rather than marks, the recruitment process is changing drastically. This change calls for a change in the way of learning and attaining skills as well. We are seeing a growing trend in the field of artificial intelligence, joining hands with automation and big data, with such new technologies gaining investments and supports from the biggest companies, the only way to distinguish oneself is to be well versed in these.


A practical hands-on experience in such technologies not only increases the chances of a better recruitment after engineering but gives a well-rounded exposure to students looking into various different fields of research and higher studies as well. An interactive, well planned and collaborative summer training which facilitates both projects and certifications along with practical exposure can be a turning a point in the path of your career. With a well-rounded curriculum and practical learning and practice sessions on technologies such as Linux, Python, Machine Learning, Big data, Cloud, Automation and much more Adhoc Networks has been successful in formulating the perfect summer Internship for computer science students program for curious students who wish to expand their skill set and gain valuable experience. From projects with peers to industry level trainers always available for interaction and questions, such training can be a great investment of time in college semester breaks.


Apart from the consecutive learning and practice with projects, important certifications attained during such training can add a bonus star to a student’s resume. Such accomplishments, projects and training experiences boost the profile and provide better chances of getting through screening processes as well as interviews. With both the industries and institutions shifting their focus to the domain of Data Science, a specialization in Data Science can prove to be a huge turning point in one’s career. Invest your semester break in constructing your resume and skill set to ace every interview, application and exam to your dream career path. A summer Internship done at the right time can give you the right start for your career in data science, so step up from the theoretical curriculum of Engineering and start expanding your wings to the most in demand technologies, in a constructive environment with talented intellectuals to guide you through at Adhoc Networks.

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