Summer Training/Internship 2019

Summer Training/Internship 2019


Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence, Deep Learning

Data science model and its modular approach using Machine learning & Deep learning under Linux platform using Python and R programming language.

Project Code: BASH-91-19

Major Technology Involved: Rhel 7 | Centos 7 | Ubuntu 16.04, Python 3 with Machine and Deep Learning framework Tensorflow, Sklearn, Scipy, Numpy, Keras, OpenCV, Matplotlib, Textblob, Pandas, Neural Networks, Karios and many more, GPU, OpenAI, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, HTML 5, Python CGI, CSS, MySQL & MariaDB, Selinux, Linux advanced filesystem and Permission. 

Duration: 4 weeks | 6 weeks | 8 weeks | 6 months

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Cloud Computing in Open Stack, AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure

Orchestration of hardware resources by deploying own Cloud under the platform of Linux with the power of Python CGI, web front-end using HTML 5 by integrating DevOps automation tool Ansible/Puppet and Docker.

Project Code: BASH-92-19

Major Technology Involved: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 / CentOS 7, AWS, OpenStack, Virtualization-KVM, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Storage As-a service, Container As-a service, Python with socket, bash, CSS, HTML 5, MySQL/MariaDB, LXC , Docker Swarm / Google Kubernetes, Ansible or Puppet, GFS/CEFH, DevOps tools.

Duration: 4 weeks | 6 weeks | 8 weeks | 6 months

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BigData Hadoop, Apache Spark

Deployment of Super Computer using distributed storage with Apache Hadoop and Spark cluster and schedule batch and distributed processing with YARN and Apache Mesos and implementation of Python webUI.

Project Code: BASH-93-19

Major Technology Involved: Big Data-Hadoopv1 & v2, HDFS and HDFS federation, Apache Spark, MR, YARN, Pig, HIVE, flume, Sqoop, Hbase, EMR, Distributed Computing, ,Operational Intelligence Tool – Splunk, AWS , Docker .

Duration: 4 weeks | 6 weeks | 8 weeks | 6 months

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Blockchain Technology

Overview of Blockchain technology (Microsoft Ethereum / IBM Hyperledger), writing smart contracts (Solidity), connecting smart contracts with front end using web3, hands-on exposure.

Project Code: BASH-94-19

Possible Use Cases:  Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple), Asset Management, Online remittance, Pharmaceuticals, Banking sector, Financial sector, Supply chain management.

Major Technology Involved: Linux, Solidity, HTML/CSS, Python, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular Js.

Duration: 4 weeks | 6 weeks | 8 weeks | 6 months

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Networking with (Python, Linux)

Automation and controlling of Linux based servers and security by designing a hosting panel using Python and Bash Scripting.

Project Code: BASH-95-19

Major Technology Involved: Linux- RHEL 7, Python, Python Flask, Firewall, SElinux, ACL and Linux advanced Permission, Docker, Docker Swarm, Servers, Bash, Ansible

Duration: 4 weeks | 6 weeks | 8 weeks | 6 months

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DevOps Engineering

Micro services architecture planning and deployment with CI & CD pipeline with SDLC model using Jenkins over container and cloud platform integration with automation tools like Ansible & Puppet.

Project Code: BASH-96-19

Major Technology Involved: Linux- RHEL 7, Python, Python Flask, Docker, Docker Swarm, Ansible, CHEF, Jenkins, Puppet, Cloud & BIG DATA Overview, GIT

Duration: 4 weeks | 6 weeks | 8 weeks | 6 months

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Success Stories

“Nothing worth having comes easy!
This quote definitely made my life what it is today.
I completed my Summer Training from AdHoc Networks in Cloud Computing. The constructive learning pattern over here is undoubtedly the one thing I would appreciate. Learning things and simultaneously implementing them helped me to grasp things way better and provided me a way to crack the interviews as well. This deep-rooted study of two months yielded the best results. I would like to thank Ashutoshh Sir and all the teachers who were always ready to help whenever we needed them! This truly helped me to achieve what I got! “

—- SANJOLI  KASLIWAL  ( JECRC )Software Engineer in HSBC Bank India

“AdHoc Networks is the best place where highly efficient knowledge is delivered in various technologies and this is what makes it prominent in this technical world.”

—- Deepshikha Khandelwal  ( JECRC ) DevOps Engineer in Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd.

“AdHoc Networks proved itself to be one of the best training organization in IT industry with deep knowledge of cloud computing, system engineering, storage and Devops toolkit. The way of delivering knowledge puts an understanding directly amongst students. Best wishes for AdHoc Networks.”

—- Deepshikha ( BIT, Ranchi )evOps Engineer in LinkedIn

“When it comes to understanding any technology from basic to advanced, AdHoc Networks is my best recommendation. Given the in-depth understanding of various technologies, both conceptual as well as practical, it has one of the best trainers in India. It has been instrumental in inspiring me as well as guiding me in the field of DevOps/Cloud Computing. I will also appreciate the trainers’ dedication towards work and humbleness with everyone. My best wishes :)”

—- Shashank Dwivedi ( BIT, Ranchi )DevOps Engineer in Directi

“AdHoc Networks is dedicated to train to give the knowledge to students for their better future. It has awesome trainers, who train with zero level to high level with so much ease with fully practical implementation of each & every technology. I learned a lot & developed projects based on latest technologies like – Cloud, Big Data, DevOps, Linux, GlusterFS, AWS. I have been taught each and every technology so deeply & clearly with practical implementation & industry demand that made me a technological enthusiast. I strongly recommend AdHoc Networks.”

—- Shashank Srivastava Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd.

“AdHoc Networks has awesome trainers who have crystal clear concepts and crisp answers for any query you put to them. I feel they have a very hands-on approach and I received plenty of guidance from them. They have a very deep understanding of the system domain. they picked up tasks very quickly and always have the eagerness to learn new things/technology. They handled the work pressure effectively, in some of the projects where the time frame was very limited, they managed to deliver the results within time in a smooth way.”

—- Sheersha Jain ( GIT, Jaipur ) Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd.


What is Summer Internship Program?

Summer Internship Program is learning a lot of things including business skills, to enhance technical skills, get real-world exposure of IT industry and even soft skills too before the completion of graduation/post graduation. The universities who are running the courses like B.E/B.Tech, MCA, BSC(IT), MSC(IT) and many more have defined summer internship in their course curriculum for a specific period of time. The reason behind is to make students industry ready professionals. The learning helps them a lot while appearing for placements in various companies across the globe.

Who is eligible to avail this program?

The students who have the summer internship in their course curriculum are all eligible. There is no prior written/online exam to avail the program. But as there are limited seats available, so it is based on first come first serve basis process. So students who are interested in a specific project learning the latest technologies must have to register for the program.

What is the process to get into this program?

The students have to do online registration by selecting the projects/technologies of their interests mentioned in our website. It is a simple two-step process to get registered.

Is there any prerequisite for this program?

The students must be willing to learn the new things. They have to pay attention and spend the time to complete the project as well.

How will this program play an important role in making my career?

As we all know, nowadays there is a boom of latest technologies in the world like Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud, DevOps everywhere. Even a common man can’t think his life without these technologies. In every sector, there is a lot of demands who have expertise in these technologies and companies are offering smart packages to freshers too. We, not only prepare you to have expertise in these technologies but also let you have the working environment of industries. You will have the practical exposure on real-world projects given by the industries. Apart from the technical skills, we also here to help you to prepare for the placements like resume making, behavioral skills, interpersonal and/or intrapersonal communication skills, group discussions, mock interviews and many more by industry experts across the globe.

How is this program better than other organization’s programs?

We have experienced and dedicated trainers who are there to help you 24*7. As we have already mentioned that the students will have industry experience and will learn a lot of things including technical as well as soft skills from the scratch. We have scheduled counseling sessions from time to time so students have to clear their doubts not only related to their projects but in choosing the right path for their career too in person. Here you will get a healthy and joyful environment so that you will be familiar easily.

Why only AdHoc Networks?

We believe, “Stay curious so that you can learn to discover new things”. We are not only here to make business, but we strongly believe in providing the right path to the future of the country. Here everyone will get the personal attention in all aspects and will be ready to contribute themselves in making society better in this digital world.

Could you please brief about the projects?

The details of the projects are mentioned in the projects section.

Which technology should I choose among many?

For this, we have scheduled a counseling day which helps you to choose the right one based on your area of interest and future scope by discussing with experienced industry experts in person.

Is it mandate that candidate should belong to Jaipur or should be an Indian?

There is no bar of place and/or citizenship. The students across the globe can join the program. As our office is at such location, you can easily find the accommodation and other facilities at nearby places.


It’s not about Training only it’s about redefining your skills for your better tomorrow

AdHoc Networks offering Summer and Industrial Training program for a category of students and professionals from the B.Tech background.

The main target of this training will be to give you a path to your better career, students will be able to do hands-on of whatever they learn with crystal clear concept and practical approach.

AdHoc Networks is a Jaipur based company established by a team of Technology Geeks which offers you some of these listed technologies:

Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, DevOps, Docker, Blockchain, Hadoop, Bigdata, Apache spark Python, Linux, Cisco Stack – (CCNA, CCNP), Ansible, Cloud Computing, Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure  Google Kubernetes, puppet, OpenStack, and many more.


Know more about your mentors for this Summer :

Popularly known as “Open Source Guru”, among the students, Mr. Ashutoshh Singh has trained more than 5,000 + engineering students & more than 1,200 + MNC professionals on various Data Science Technologies.
All the projects including the training would be imparted by the Industry Experts Team and Mentors. Below are their profile snapshot.

Ashutosh Singh CTO, Data Science Specialist, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Expert, BigData & DevOps Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur & Corporate Trainer) Companies who have been benefited with the experience & knowledge of him are: Microsoft, Wipro, SAP Labs, Lenovo, SalesForce, Cognizant, IBM, Dell, Ericsson, Accenture, CapGemini, Adobe and many more…

Prateek Vyas Operations Head, Project Manager, Entrepreneur with experience in Project Management, Business strategy consulting, Business Analysis & International Market Business development. Worked with companies like Motorola Mobility India, Xicom Technologies, Carrier Socially, etc. His technical expertise and interests lies in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Sciences, Web Technologies, Mobile Technologies, Server Environments.

Mukesh Nagar Security Analyst with more than 6 years of work experience in Server Security, Server Architect & Cloud Engineering.  He holds strong command on several technologies such as VOIP,  PCI Compliance, Container, DNS Cluster, Server Hardening, Mail Hardening, Apache, NDB | XtraDB Cluster, cPanel Bugs Reporting, Load Balancer, KVM and Xen Hypervisor, Nginx, Raid Technology, DDOS protection, etc. He has 100+ satisfied clients globally and successfully delivered more than 250 projects along with his team, and currently working on Banking Clients like RBI, Canara Bank, etc.

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