By adhoc Aug 12, 2019
Top Answers to Chef Interview Questions (DevOps)
What is Chef? First, let us compare Chef with Puppet: Comparison Chef Puppet API integration Extended API No extende...
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By adhoc Aug 7, 2019
Deep Dive with Natural Language Processing Sentiment Analysis & Text Processing
  Sentiment analysis is one of the big required domain of text processing and analyzing reviews of customers and it helps to improve...
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By adhoc Aug 6, 2019
5 Top Paying Technical Jobs in India in 2019
While ideals, interest, skills, and ambition may drive you to chase any particular career path, salary plays an important role when it comes...
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By adhoc Jul 24, 2019
Regression in machine learning
If you want to get started with machine learning then "Road starts with Regression " and also want to become a data scientist or want to be ...
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