Top Answers to RPA Robotic Process Automation Interview Questions

  1.  Compare Robotic Process Automation with traditional automation?
Criteria Robotic Process Automation Traditional Automation
Technology Non-intrusive, scalable & versatile Intrusive, less scalable & not versatile
Interface Mimics human action Relies on coding & APIs
Customization Very good Average
Integration Excellent Average
  1. What is RPA?

(RPA) is a type of software that is used to do automation of fundamental tasks in software applications like how a human performs it. The software robot can be trained for a workflow/process with different steps & application. It could be, for example, taking received forms, sending a receipt message, checking the forms for completeness, documenting the form in a folder and updating a spreadsheet with the form name, the date recorded, etc. RPA programming is intended to diminish the weight of monotonous, straightforward tasks/work on workers.

  1. List the different types of tools in RPA.
  1. Blue Prism
  2. UiPath
  3. Automation Anywhere
  4. Work Fusion
  5. Open span
  1. Describe the Lifecycle of RPA.

There are 4 different phases in RPA Lifecycle–

  • Analysis – Identification of business process for RPA development occurs
  • Development of Bot – Fulfillment of requirements
  • Testing phase – Quality checks are performed
  • Deployment & Maintenance – Bot is deployed and maintained by the team.
  1. How do you deploy the UiPath tool?
  • Install UiPath Studio on the system you want to automate processes.
  • The robot key from orchestrator is taken to Provision the machine & entering it into the
  • Robot Configuration board and furthermore the Configuration URL which you will find in the Admin area of Orchestrator
  • Publish your procedure except if you simply need to utilize your current procedure
  • Create an environment
  • Make release of process
  • Start job
  1. How do you invoke a UiPath workflow?

Workflows are small pieces of common automation that are reusable and applicable in multiple scenarios. They are used to automate similar processes. You can invoke a workflow using “Invoke Workflow” function in UiPath and save it as a template. You can also combine two workflows to make it combined automation.

  1. What is Citrix automation?

Citrix automation is used to automate the process such as filling fields in the form and submitting the form in a virtual desktop application. You can use processes such as data entry form filling using Citrix automation.

  1. What are RPA Bots and how to create one?

Bot creator tools such as Automation anywhere or UiPath is used to create bots which are used to automate processes or tasks. To create a bot –

  • Record a task
  • Complete the bot implementation
  • Test the bot
  • Upload the bot to perform the automation tasks
  1. What is the difference between TaskBot, MetaBot, and IQBot in RPA tool?
Features TaskBot MetaBot IQBot
Core competency Used in Front end Facilitates scalability with next-gen integration Continuous learning & enhance process automation
Used in Repetitive and rule-based tasks Complex, scalable process Manages fuzzy rules
Example HR administration. Procure-to-pay, quote-to-cash Enterprise-wide automation. Only minimal maintenance is needed. Learns from real-time, extracting languages from the given data.



  1. List the Industrial applications of RPA.
  • Banking – Automation of credit card applications in the bank, loan processing
  • Retail – Update orders, manage fake accounts, process shipping notifications
  • Telecommunication – Monitor subscriber feeds, fraud management and customer data updates
  • HR – Candidate sourcing, Background verification, payroll automation.


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