Microsoft Azure Cloud – It is one of the most popular cloud service providing PAAS.

Overview Of Microsoft Azure Training

Maintain virtual resources, more about Data science and Machine learning, Sql server, Databricks.


  1. Understanding the need of azure  with respect to developer’s and administration.
  2. How developers can use this platform and system admin can troubleshoot.

Course content:

  1. What is  Azure:
    • Understanding the market demand for azure
    • The services offered
    • Why azure cloud for business and learning
  1.   Compute service :
    • Compute services with microsoft azure  
    • Understanding vms in cloud
    • Concept of Hypervisors
    • Integration with other hypervisor
    • Azure container services
  1.    Exploring Networking services
    • Software defined networking     
    • Understanding networking concepts
    • Creating network topology in azure
    • Using CDN
  1.  Identity services
    • Active directory  in azure
    • Domain services
    • Multi factor authentication
    • Azure active directory B2C
  1.  Data and Storage
    • Data storage and other technique
    • Object and block services
    • Azure blob understanding
    • Azure blob Hot & cold access tier
    • Protecting database password
    • Azure containers
    • Azure tables
    • Azure data lake store
    • Disk on VM with fly scale
  1.  Azure data lake analytics
    • Sources and destinations
    • Transformation using R & Python
    • Introduction to C# & U-SQL
  1.  Azure  Data factory  
    • What is ETL &  ELT
    • Datasets
    • Pipeline
    • Linked services FTP , SFTP and storage
    • Monitor and Manage
    • Metrics and Operations
  1.  Data catalog
    • What is Catalog
    • Metadata understanding
    • Machine learning studio
  1.  Service Bus
    • Evan Hubs
    • Message Queue
    • Relays


  1.  Stream analytics
    • Stream analytics query process
    • Event Hubs as source and Power BI as destination
    • Event Hubs as source and SQL Database as destination


  1.  SQL Data Warehouse
    • Data Warehousing Overview
    • Schema Designing
    • Data Partitioning using Replication Strategy
    • Data Partitioning using Round robin Strategy
    • Data Partitioning using Hashing Strategy


  1.  Deployment
    • ARM deployment

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