Mastering Automation with Chef

Mastering Automation with Chef



Chef Course Content

1. Interoduction To chef

. What is Devops and comparasion to other DevOps tools

. Common Chef Terminology

. Chef-Server

. Chef-workstation

. Chef client

. Chef Repo

. Chef Configuration Concepts

. chef solo

. server and nodes

2. Building Web Server Cookbook

. Starting with apache Recipe

. Adding attributes and templates

. Attribute Precedence

. copying file to web server

. adding plateform support

. chef local repo to GitHub

. recipe includes and dependies

. adding html templates dynamically

3. Building dockers and containers

. information gathering and setup

. docker recipe to container images

. attribute predence

. launching container and monitoring

. adding docker file dynamic container

. containering customizing on the nodes

4. Node Object and search

. What is Node Object

. Search Concept

. Searching Node Attributes Using Knife

5. Data Bags

. What are Data Bags

. Creating User and Sudo group Data bags

. Building A Recipe To Deploy Local User Account

6. Chef Environment

. What are Environment and why they do matter

. Creating And Configuring Evn

. Creating A Second Version of Our WebServer Cookbook

. Deploying To Different Environment

7. Roles

. What are Roles

. Creating A web Server Roles

. Building A simple Mysql and Apache role

. Create DB role

. Creating A base role

8. Extending chef

. Knife Plugins

Chef Supermarket and Chef clinet

9. chef specialist advanced course content

. Deploy chef environment with High availability,replication features

. Integration of chef with public and private cloud

. AWS integration