Deep Dive with Linux Containers

Deep Dive with Linux Containers

DevOps Docker Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction about Docker , LXC and containers

1. Introduction to LXC and Dockers

2. what distribution you should use and why with dockers

3. Containers vs Virtual Machines (War)

4. Kernel Namespaces , cgroups , capabilites

5. Basic introduction to LXD

Module 2: Installing and managing Docker Engine

6. Execution Driver: libcontainers vs LXC

7. AUFS , OverlayFS,Device Mapper

8. Introduction and difference between docker , docker-engine and docker-machine

9. Installtion of docker in linux and windows both environment

Module 3: Playing with Docker Images

9. docker run

10. docker inspect

11. docker images

12. docker union mounts,Layering

13. docker insepect

Module 4: Docker Networking

14. Understanding docker bridge networking

15. creating networking bridge

16. accessing docker from remote host

Module 5: Docker basic operation

17. docker export and import

18. commiting and creating docker images

19. creating base image

20. docker hub and public and private registry

Module 6: Docker volume and dockerfile

21. Understanding docker sharing with docker volume

22. managing docker with dockerfile

Module 7: Introduction to CoreOs and Atomic host

23. basic introduction and its service to CoreOS

24. understanding project atomic host

Module 8: Docker advanced topics

25. docker clustering with swarm

26. docker compose and docker linking

27. docker clustering and orchesterization with Google kubernets

28. Discussion about docker vs rocket

29. basic idea and discussion about AWS containers server

30. creating dockerized based servers