Red Hat System Administration III (RH254) is related to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 7 platform and is designed keeping in mind all the advanced servers and concepts of Linux system. It is specially useful for experienced candidates who has a decent level of experience in Linux Administration or who holds a Red Hat Certified System Administration Certification or Linux Foundation Certified System Administration or equivalent and finally for the people who wants to broaden their understanding and abilities as a Linux system administrator on an enterprise level.


This course purely focuses on servers which are used in enterprise in their day to day life. Therefore In addition to this, these servers include but not limited to, Domain Name Server, Database server – Maria DB, Network File System ( NFSv3 , 4) server, Server Message Block (SMB) server. Furthermore, it includes Apache Web Server and Targetcli and bash shell scripting. Through the demos practicals, consequently candidates learn and as a result, they become more familiar to these high-end servers and their configurations. Also, it includes advanced networking and firewall configurations and therefore in addition to all, it is considered to be a really advanced and challenging course for candidates.


Red Hat System Administrator – III is intended for candidates who wants to learn in depth of enterprise level servers and administration skills such as storage and hard disk management, network services, and how to manage other key components. Also, this course requires the knowledge of Red Hat System Administration – II and so candidates are required to go through the Red Hat System Administration – II course.   


40 Hours 00 Minutes

16 Lesson


  • Control services and daemons

          Learning to manage, control, start and stop services

  • Manage IPv6 networking

          Understanding IPv6 networking by replacing IPv4 with IPv6

  • Configure link aggregation and bridging

          Understanding teaming and bonding of different interfaces. Implementing Runners for High Availability.

  • Control network port security

          Securing ports exposed in a network to possible threats

  • Manage DNS for servers

          Understanding DNS servers and configuring them

  • Configure email delivery

          Understanding SMTP mail servers. Creating mail relays.

  • Configure NFS server

          Configuring NFS server to share space between servers and understanding NFS performance tuning.

  • Configure SMB server

          Configure Samba server for accessing Linux resources over Windows machines.

  • Provide block-based storage

          Understanding block storage architecture and sharing block storage using targetcli and iscsi-target-utils.

  • Configure MariaDB databases

          Better understanding of a database. Working on mysql and mariadb servers.

  • Provide Apache HTTPD web service

          Understanding web hosting. Creating virtual hosting. Managing SSL connections using apache. Understanding advance Apache.

  • Write Bash scripts

          Learn to write bash scripts.

  • Bash conditionals and control structures

          Understand bash conditionals and control structure of code.

  • Configure the shell environment

          Configuring shell environment accordingly.

  • Linux containers preview

          Understanding the need of containers and the technologies behind it.

  • Comprehensive review

          Comprehensive review of RH254

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