Red Hat System Administration I provides student with a basic yet good foundation who are willing to make their future in Linux Administration or willing to learn Linux for their own needs, including the key and command line concepts along with other enterprise level tools. These concepts are further developed in the follow-on course, Red Hat System Administration II (RH134) and the course content of RH124 are specially relevant and therefore finally it is known to be the gateway for Linux Administration..


Any IT or Non-IT professional across the globe willing to learn Linux Administration tasks including but not limited to installation of Linux, core concepts of network connectivity, familiarity to command line, file operations, IO redirection and other Linux administration tasks.


Because there is no prerequisite as such, almost anyone willing to understand Linux administration can go for the course. However, it will be convenient for individuals to deal and get the most out of the course if they have any previous knowledge of working with any Linux Platform. Furthermore in addition to it,  people already working in administration field seems like to get benefited the most. But most of all, there is no prerequisite.


30 Hours 00 Minutes

16 Lessons


  • Access the Command Line

          Getting familiar with the command line

  • Manage files from the command line

          Managing, moving. deleting and listing files using cli.

  • Create, view, and edit text files

          Managing, creating, editing and deleting text files using vi and vim editor.

  • Manage local Linux users and group

          Understanding need of Linux users and groups. Managing Linux users and groups using command line.

  • Control access to files with Linux file system permissions

          Understanding the need of permissions. Implementing standard and extended permissions.

  • Monitor and manage Linux processes

          Managing, listing and monitoring Linux processes

  • Control services and daemons

          Understanding services, daemons and implementing services and daemons using systemctl.

  • Configure and secure OpenSSH service

          Configuring SSH server for remote logins.

  • Analyze and store logs

          Understanding the log structure. monitoring logs in real time.

  • Manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux networking

          Understanding concepts behind Linux networking. Undestanding IPv4 and IPv6.

  • Archive and copy files between systems

          Backup and restore. Creating, restoring and moving data from one to another host.

  • Install and update software packages

          Understanding YUM, repositories and RPM. Installing, updating, and removing packages.

  • Access Linux file systems

          Understanding Linux Filesystems. Implementing Filesystems.

  • Use virtualized systems

          Understanding Virtualization. Creating, deleting and modifying virtual machines

  • Comprehensive review

          Comprehensive review of RH124

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