Introduction to Python

  •   A Brief history
  •   The Uses and scope of python
  •  Getting and installing Python The Python Interpreter
  •  Using the interpreter
  • The other IDE’s available The Language
 Basic I/O operations
  • Assignment operators
  • Basic data types
  • Code blocks and indentations
  • Conditional statements
  • Iterations
 Funtions :
  •  Some built-in functions
  • Using exceptions
  • Functions
 Object Class
  • File Operations Object Oriented Principles
  • Creating classes
  • Creating instances
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Metaclasses Modules
  • Extending the language with the help of modules
  • Creating modules
  •  Accessing attributes and importing specific module names from packages
  •  Use of the os module

Regular Expression

  •  Use of the re module for pattern matching using regular expressions
Multithreading and Socket programming
  • Use of the thread module for creating threads
  • Using the socket module for opening sockets
  • Using some client side network protocol modules like HTTP and FTP Debugging and Optimizing
  • UDP and TCP socket programming
  • The warnings module
  • The profile module
  • Optimizing loops and I/O
Sets and Exception handling
  • using mathematical operations

File Handing 

  •  creating  and read write operation
  • maintain and read files
  • directory handling


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