Course Outline

The language generally for statistical analysis, graphics representation, and reporting.

R Language created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman.

Currently, R is Freely available GNU GPL

R name was created on the name of the two Creator (Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka)

Prerequisites :

You should have a basic idea of computer and General programming language

Program Execution :

Note: You can go any online platform or we are using Ubuntu Os to Install R language

R language basic

  • Overview

  • Environment setup

  • Basic syntax setup

  • Data types

  • Variables

  • Operators

  • Decision Making

  • Loops

  • Functions

  • String

  • Lists

  • Matrices

  • Arrays

  • Factors

  • Data frames

  • Packages

  • Data Reshaping

R Data Interfaces:-

  • CVS files

  • Excel files

  • Binary Files

  • XML files

  • JSON files

  • Web data

  • Database

R charts & Graphics :

  • Pie charts

  • Bar charts

  • Boxplots

  • Histograms

  • Line Graphs

  • Scatterplots

R Statistics examples

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