Red Hat OpenStack Administration Training In Jiapur. This course will teach students to install a proof-of-concept and configure, use, and maintain Red Hat OpenStack Platform. The focus on this course will be managing Open Stack using the Horizon dashboard and the command-line interface and managing instances. All of the above components are managed through a dashboard which gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface. Behind the scenes, open stack runs a bunch of services which works in collaborative respect for carrying out the tasks.


Candidates certified as Red Hat System Administrator or candidates working as Linux administrators.

Candidates who are willing to start their career in cloud computing.


Because this course is a course of expertise but CL110 is an entry level course for Open stack, it demands a few knowledge of Linux operating system for managing the services and accessing the open stack APIs by using command line interface. Also, a little troubleshooting is also required so that the candidate is able to troubleshoot any problems coming in installation or post installation.


30 Hours 00 Minutes

16 Lessons


  • Course Introduction.

          Introduction and review of the course.

  • Launch an instance.

          Launch an instance and describe the Open stack architecture and use cases.

  • Organize people and resources

          Manage projects,users, roles, and quotas.

  • Manage Linux networks

          Manage Linux networks and bridges.

  • Prepare and deploy an internal instance

          Manage images, flavors, and private networks in preparation for launching an internal instance and launch and verify an                   internal instance.

  • Manage block storage

          Manage ephemeral and persistent block storage.

  • Manage object storage

          Manage object storage

  • Prepare and deploy an external instance

          Manage external networks and security in preparation for launching an external instance and launch and verify an external               instance.

  • Customize instances

          Customize an instance with cloud-init.

  • Deploying scalable stacks

          Deploy a stack and configure auto scaling.

  • Install OpenStack

          Install an OpenStack proof of concept using Packstack.

  • Comprehensive review of Red Hat OpenStack Administration I

          Review tasks in the Red Hat OpenStack Administration I course.

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