Red Hat Open Stack Administration II is the follow-up course of Red Hat Open Stack Administration I and it enhances the skills and knowledge obtained by students and candidates while studying for CL110. After studying this course, candidates will get a better and broader idea of working of open stack and they will get an in-depth knowledge of working of different open stack components together.

This will also help candidates to get ready for the RH210 ( Red Hat Certified System Administrator In Open Stack ) Exam.  


1. Candidates certified as Red Hat System Administrator or candidates working as Linux administrators.

2. Candidates who are willing to start their career in cloud computing or who has done the entry level course, i.e. CL110.


Because this course is a course of expertise, it demands a few knowledge of Linux operating system for managing the services and accessing the open stack APIs by using command line interface. Also, a little troubleshooting along with initial knowledge of open stack is also required so that the candidate is able to troubleshoot any problems coming in installation or post installation


30 Hours 00 Minutes

16 Lessons


  • Red Hat Open stack Platform Architecture.

          Understanding the underlying architecture for Open Stack and getting familiar with services of Open Stack.

  • Managing installation automation using Puppet.

          Understanding answer file, creating and automating the installation with puppet.

  • RabbitMQ message broker

          Install and configure message service and secure using encryption.

  • Keystone Identity Service

          Understanding authentication and identity and access management with Keystone.

  • Swift object storage service

          Understanding the object storage concepts and the service, swift in depth.

  • Glance Image Service

          Understanding image types in Open Stack and creating your own images in open stack.

  • Cinder block storage service

          Understanding the block storage concepts and implementing block storage in open stack

  • Neutron network service

          Understanding the networking in open stack. Manage, create and edit public and private networks.

  • Nova compute and controller service

          Understanding nova compute service, APIs and launching instance from command line and dashboard as well.

  • Implement an additional compute node

          Adding additional nova compute host for open stack.

  • Heat orchestration service

          Understanding the templates and template service. Launching instance with a template.

  • Cielometer metering service

          Managing the compute resource usages and billing.

  • The Future of Open Stack

          Understanding future of open stack and a glance of creating own open stack alike product.

  • Comprehensive Review

          A comprehensive review of open stack cloud.

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