Deployment of scalable, highly available, robust and cross platform storage over cloud.


Red Hat Gluster Storage provides system administrators to create and architect a fully modifiable, highly scalable, robust, on demand storage cluster/data center. This course gives an in depth knowledge of managing the Red Hat Storage Servers which are used by many Fortune 500 companies for storing their data securely and for high availability over cloud.

The candidates also get a chance to further explore file sharing protocols used by Gluster File System, such as Network File System, Simple Message Block, and native Gluster File System file storage scheme. They also will learn about namespaces and FUSE. Also, they will get to understand the Geographical Replication feature of Gluster File System over to different geographical locations for further achieving disaster recovery and high availability.

This course being a COE course, is the best way to start one’s career in Enterprise Level Storage.


  1. Linux System Administrators who are looking forward to make their career in Cloud Storage Domain.
  2. Candidates who are RHCSA and are looking to persue any Expertise level course for the RHCA track.


  1. Red Hat Certified System Administrator -I or equivalent.


22 Hours 00 Minutes

12 Lessons


  • Introduction to Red Hat Gluster Storage. 

Getting started with Red Hat Gluster Storage.

  • Explore the classroom environment

Understanding and learning the behind the scenes of Gluster File System.

  • Installation

Installing Red Hat Storage Server.

  • Basic Configuration

Build a Red Hat Storage Server clustered volume .

  • Clients

Understanding the different types of clients to access Red Hat Gluster Storage volumes, i.e. NFS, CIFS, GLUSTERFS.

  • ACL and Quotas

Implementing quotas and posix control lists.

  • Extending volumes

Growing volumes online.

  • IP Failover

Configure IP Failover using CTDB.

  • Geographical Replication

Configure asynchronous replication accross geographical areas.

  • Unified file and object storage.

Extending Gluster File System with openstack.

  • Troubleshooting

Performing basic troubleshooting.

  • Comprehensive review

Comprehensive review of RH236.

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