Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Atomic Host Container Administrator is an IT professional who has earned the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Container Administration and is capable of performing the following tasks:

  1. Create and manage Docker container images.
  2. Publish custom container images to private repositories.
  3. Deploy Multi tiered application using containers
  4. Dockerize an existing application


Candidates who are working in a Devops environment with container based applications.

Developers who have some basic system administration backgrounds who wish to develop container based applications.

A Red Hat Certified Engineer interested in earning a Red Hat Certificate of Expertise or Red Hat Certified Architect credential.

Candidates who are looking forward to make a career in DevOps.


Red Hat Certified Engineer or Red Hat Certified System Administrator.


25 Hours


  • Introduction to containers, dockers and atomic host.

          Introduction and review of docker containers and atomic host.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host Installation.

          Getting familiar with Red Hat Enterprise Atomic Host.

  • Updating Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host.

          Managing upgrades, rollbacks and re-bases.

  • Manage containers. 

          Create and manage container images.

  • Docker repositories

          Introduction to docker repositories.

          Pushing docker containers to public repositories.

          Create and manage docker private repositories.

  • Deploy multi-tiered application on a container.

          Managing applications on a container.

  • Deploying multi-tiered application on a container cluster

          Understand container clustering. 

          Understand container linking.

  • Deploying multi-tiered application with container and kubernetes.

          Understanding container management and deployment with kubernetes.

  • Dockerize a running application.

          Deploy current running application on docker containers.

  • Comprehensive review of Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Atomic Host Container Administration

          Review of Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Atomic Host Container Administration.



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