The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Containerizing Software Applications is given to a candidate who has the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to create, update container images and run and link containers.

The candidates undergoing through this course are able to perform the following tasks seamlessly:

  1. Implementing new container images by extending existing images.
  2. Manage images including pulling and pushing images from a private registry.
  3. Manually run and link containers in a development environment.


Enterprise SOA architects who are interested in moving to a containerized software application pattern.

People working in a DevOps environment who need to create, update and run containers in a development environment for eventual migration to production.

A Red Hat Certified Engineer interested in earning a Red Hat Certificate of Expertise or Red Hat Certified Architect credential.

Candidates who are looking forward to make a career in DevOps.


Red Hat Certified Engineer or Red Hat Certified System Administrator. 


25 Hours


  • Course introduction.

          Introduction and review of the course.

  • Getting started with containers.

          Understanding containers and its behind the scenes technology.

  • Working with containers.

          Work with and manipulate existing container images for producing containerized services.

  • Manage Images. 

          Managing the life cycle of an image from creation to deletion.

  • Create custom images

          Introduction to Dockerfile.

          Designing docker file for building custom images.

  • Design container images for application deployment.

          Design and build a custom container image for deploying an application.

  • Troubleshoot containerized applications.

          Utilizing various techniques for troubleshooting a containerized application. 

          Understand container linking.

  • Deploying multi-tiered application with container and kubernetes.

          Understanding container management and deployment with kubernetes.

  • Provision deployment environments.

          Provisioning a development environment using Red Hat CDK.

  • Comprehensive review of Red Hat Certificate of Expertise In Containerized Application Development.

          Review of Red Hat Certificate of Expertise In Containerized Application Development.



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