Configuration Management with Puppet is designed for system administrators and cloud administrators who intend to implement Puppet as integrated with Red Hat® products in an operations environment or a cloud computing environment.

  1. Write Puppet manifests that utilize a variety of Puppet DSL resources..
  2. Deploy a GIT repository and use it to maintain Puppet modules.
  3. Write Puppet modules that deploy and configure network services.
  4. Configure a Puppet master and client nodes.
  5. Implement Puppet configuration management in a DevOps environment.
  6. Use Red Hat Satellite 6 to manage client configurations with Puppet.


Enterprise SOA architects who are interested in moving to a containerized software application pattern.

People working in a DevOps environment who need to create, update and run containers in a development environment for eventual migration to production.

A Red Hat Certified Engineer interested in earning a Red Hat Certificate of Expertise or Red Hat Certified Architect credential.

Candidates who are looking forward to make a career in DevOps.


System administrators and cloud administrators responsible for the management of systems and cloud client systems on either Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform or Red Hat Satellite.

Red Hat Certified Engineer or Red Hat Certified System Administrator.


25 Hours


  • Course introduction.

          Introduction to the course.

  • Identify system administration functions in Puppet.

          Identify system administration functions in Puppet code.

  • Puppet architecture.

          Describe the Puppet architecture and describe a state model.

  • Implement a Puppet manifest. 

          Find documentation and diagnose errors in Puppet manifests..

  • Implement Git.

          Implement Git to manage software.

  • Find information with Facter.

          View information about systems using Facter.

  • Implement Puppet modules

          Create Puppet modules and implement classes in a manifest.

  • Implement relationships in a Puppet module.

          Implement namespaces, relationships, and dependencies in a Puppet module.

  • Identify advanced system administration functions in Puppet.

          Identify advanced system administration functions in Puppet code.

  • Implement Puppet

          Deploy and configure a Puppet master and a Puppet client.

  • Implement external Puppet modules

          Implement Puppet modules from Puppet Forge.

  • Implement Puppet in a DevOps environment

          Implement Puppet in a DevOps environment.

  • Implement Puppet in Red Hat Satellite.

          Implement Puppet in a Red Hat Satellite 6 environment.

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