Title :-   Cloud Computing :-  The Ultimate Business solution

Panorama of the Course Content :

  • Build Own Private Cloud Data Centre with Type two Hypervisor
  • Understanding the core concepts and logics behind the scene
  • Deep dive with Unique core component of cloud computing
  • Access management and two factor authentication model
  • GlusterFS the ultimate object and block store with distributed clustering
  • working with public and private cloud services
  • Public cloud like (AWS,Azure)
  • Dive deeper with Network based storage access
  • Ipv6 magic and Cloud

Cloud Computing – journey from begining to expert :

Day 1 :

Title :  Linux – The Choice of developers and Security Experts

Session 1:

  • Professional level Understanding of linux
  • Linux Need of the day
  • The key role player in Cloud Technology
  • Understanding concept between GUI and CLI
  • Security and Hacking tricks

Session 2 :

  • IO redirection and pipeline

  • soft and hard links with Inode table

  • user and account security management

  • password hashing algo like md5 and SHA512

  • Password Cracking algo with Brute force using kali linux

  • Using remote login with SSH and telnet

  • Packet analysis with Tcpdump and Wireshark

Day 2 : Title :- Cloud Computing — : The Ultimate Business solution

session 1 :

  • High level introduction of Linux the base of Cloud Computing

  • Deep dive with understanding cloud concept

  • Introduction to SAAS , IAAS , PAAS

  • Concept of AWS cloud

  • Kernel role of CloudNetworking and Storage concept

  • Networking and Storage concept

Session 2 :

  • Implementation of SAAS and StAAS cloud

  • Hands on with AWS Portal

  • SAAS implemnation with Qrcode

  • Google Service Authentication factor list implementation

  • Storage Mounting with AWS EBS

  • Using remote login with SSH and telnet

  • Cloud Packet analysis with Tcpdump and Wireshark

Day 3 :

Session 1:

    • Introduction to AWS EBS and use case

    • Open Storage with rocking data

    • Storage changes data hybride

    • Introduction to GFS and CEPH

    • Discussion About Elastic Storage

Session 2 :

    • Creating own Storage box like Dropbox and Google Drive

    • Access factor with NFS and GFS

    • Implementation of GFS over Linux Platform

    • New storage with AWS  S3 and Glacier

    • Authentication of Storage with access managment

    •  Ansible use case and Implementation

    •  Introduction with Dockers and Containers



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