Infrastructure As A Service

Infrastructure As A Service

 Title :-  Infrastructure as a service: A complete cloud virtual server solution

Panorama of the Course Content :

  • Build Own Private Infrastructure cloud data center.
  • Virtualization of resources.
  • KVM hypervisor configuration.
  • Understanding the core concepts and logic behind the scenes.
  • Deep dive with unique core component of Infrastructure cloud computing.
  • MariaDB database authentication.
  • Python CGI.
  • Working with public and private cloud services.
  • Public cloud such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
  • Dive deeper with Network based storage access.
  • Block Storage Management.

Infrastructure as a service: Infrastructure as a service or IAAS provides virtual servers over network. These servers are having their own infrastructure, all isolated from all other servers running on the same hosts. Infrastructure for these servers include the compute power, ram, cpu, network interfaces and hard disks. All these infrastructure components are virtual and nothing is real. Above all, these servers are taken on rent, allowing you to pay only for what and for time you use them. These servers also support live migration from one host to other hosts where the virtual machines are running and shifting from one host to other while the clients are connected to the virtual machines.

Day 1 :

Title :  Linux – The Choice of developers and Security Experts

Session 1:

  • Professional level Understanding of linux
  • Linux Need of the day
  • The key role player in Cloud Technology
  • Understanding concept between GUI and CLI
  • Security and Hacking tricks

Session 2 :

  • IO redirection and pipeline

  • soft and hard links with Inode table

  • user and account security management

  • password hashing algo like md5 and SHA512

  • Password Cracking algo with Brute force using kali linux

  • Using remote login with SSH and telnet

  • Packet analysis with Tcpdump and Wireshark

Day 2 : Title :- Cloud Computing — : The Ultimate Business solution

session 1 :

  • High level introduction of Linux the base of Cloud Computing

  • Deep dive with understanding cloud concept

  • Introduction to SAAS , IAAS , PAAS

  • Concept of AWS cloud

  • Kernel role of CloudNetworking and Storage concept

  • Networking and Storage concept

Session 2 :

  • Implementation of SAAS and StAAS cloud

  • Hands on with AWS Portal

  • SAAS implemnation with Qrcode

  • Google Service Authentication factor list implementation

  • Storage Mounting with AWS EBS

  • Using remote login with SSH and telnet

  • Cloud Packet analysis with Tcpdump and Wireshark

Day 3 :

Session 1:

    • Introduction to AWS EBS and use case

    • Open Storage with rocking data

    • Storage changes data hybride

    • Introduction to GFS and CEPH

    • Discussion About Elastic Storage

Session 2 :

    • Creating own Storage box like Dropbox and Google Drive

    • Access factor with NFS and GFS

    • Implementation of GFS over Linux Platform

    • New storage with AWS  S3 and Glacier

    • Authentication of Storage with access managment

    •  Ansible use case and Implementation

    •  Interoduction with Dockers and Containers


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