Day 1:

First Half:

1. High Level introduction of linux

2. Deep understanding of Linux and it’s flavours.

3. Accessing the command line.

4. Linux Directory Structure.

5. Managing files from the command line.

6. Bash and IO Redirection and File Descriptors

Second half:

1. Managing text files in an editor.

2. Create, view and edit files using File Descriptors.

3. Brief overview of Users and Groups in Linux.

4. Local Users and groups Management.

5. User and Group Permissions.

6. Understanding Boot Process

Day 2 :

First Half:

1. Automation with Cronjobs.

2. Networking in Linux with Ipv4 and Ipv6.

3. Changing Network Parameters Persistantly.

4. Fundamentals of Storage in Linux.

5. Managing Hard Disks.

6. Logical Volume Management

Second Half :

1. Overview of Object Storage.

2. Overview of Block Storage.

3. In-depth discussion about Network File System.

4. Sharing object storage using NFS.

Day 3 :

First Half:

1. Remote Server Management with SSH and Telnet.

2. Logs Management.

3. Implementing FTP Server on Linux.

4. Discussion and installation of Apache Web server on Linux.

5. Making your first Website over Apache Web Server in Linux.

6. In Depth Web Hosting concepts from GoDaddy.

Second Half:

1. Hosting Own Website in Apache Web Server.

2. Hosting Multiple Websites over Apache Web server.

3. Brief Introduction to HyperVisors.

4. Provisioning a Virtual Machine over KVM HyperVisor.

5. Introduction to Domain Name Server.

6. Brief Understanding about Squid Proxy Server.

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