Open Stack

Panorama of the Course Content :

  • Understanding Cloud Computing.

  • Why companies are migrating to Cloud.

  • Deep dive with Openstack.

  • Provisioning Virtual Machines on Open Stack.

  • Automated Installation of Openstack.

  • Deep understanding of Images.

  • Openstack Networking with Neutron.

  • Block and Object Storage with Cinder and Swift.

  • Extending Storage with clustered storage, GlusterFS.

  • Deep dive in storage types of GlusteFS.

  • Using GlusterFS as storage for nova instances.

Day 1 :

Title : Getting Started with Openstack.

Session 1:

  • Understanding Openstack.

  • Understanding the need of Openstack.

  • Getting started with the services.

  • Learning answer file options, tuning installation.

  • Generating Answer File.

  • Managing an enterprise Openstack Deployment.

  • Getting familiar with the DashBoard.

  • Building and Customizing Images.

Session 2:

  • Understanding Users in Dashboard.

  • Understanding tenants in dashboard.

  • Creating users in Dashboard.

  • Managing Projects.

  • Assigning Users with roles and projects.

  • Setting up Quotas on projects.

Day 2 :

Title : Extending Open Stack Integration.

Session 1:

  • Understanding Networking in Openstack.

  • Understanding Networking in Openstack. Creating Internal networks and labs.

  • Creating External networks.

  • Managing Storage with Swift.

  • Managing resilient compute resources.

  • Creating custom flavours.

  • Running a Virtual Machine.

Session 2:

  • Creating Block Storage with Cinder and association with Virtual Machines.

  • Managing snapshots for Block Storages.

  • Understanding, creating and assigning Security Groups with Virtual Machines.

  • Understanding and assigning Floating Ips.

  • Creating containers for object storage.

  • Accessing the virtual machine.

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